The trends of wall art in 2021

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You don’t know what to do with blank walls or you may be wondering how to arrange the framed art to suit your space or are just starting your collection. Don’t worry, this article will help you to handle this matter.

A personalized wall art or add your style, this way is perfect to your home. Here will provide some of the favorite wall art trends to take to your personal gallery.

Large canvas prints

Add the large canvas prints and wall art to your walls and help corners of your home appear brighter or create the focal point in your interior. To have a perfect canvas print with a large size, firstly, you have to measure the space to decide how big you can go without detracting from your furniture and other decor.

Choose a design and palette and you have to be sure that the overview of the canvas prints will be suitable with the background color in the room and your style.

Statement Pieces

To elevate any room and add some sophistication to the more traditional design, or you can also choose to add statement pieces with a simple but luxurious touch. There can be a portrait of yourself, your pet lovers, or a fictional character. People and pets offer a warm and comforting feel to a room and provide an attention-grabbing contrast to formal spaces. Personalized pieces will make you feel closer and create a good mood after a long day.

Gallery walls

There are good ideas to put a variety of canvas prints, photographs, shapes, and sizes together on a wall. Try hanging frames vertically or horizontally.

If you’re unsure what arrangement will work best, you can try to arrange your photos on the floor first to get an idea of the grouping you want. If they are great then you will hang them.

Animal prints

Animal prints are also a trendy wall art of 2021. For the undying love for  animals and pets, designers have come up with animal portraits or combine them with a suitable background for you to hang in your living space, fully expressing your unconditional love for animals or a specific animal. This has resulted in the appearance of animal prints on  pillows, rugs, carpets, cushions, and even curtains.


With two different filters in OOH-GIFT, you can choose one of them or boths: add the name’s pet, upload the image file’s pet. Then you can have a personalized perfect animal canvas prints or pet lovers canvas prints.

Now let's start to do that here.

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