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You spend a lot of time in the living room, as the place where friends and family gather the most in a home, it’s important for a living room to not only be inviting but well decorated.

The living design is all about your personality, and is wide open in terms of how you express yourself. And you don’t need to be a designer to pick out the perfect wall decorations. Consider how you use your living room: is it formal or is it where everyone hangs out?

How do you want your family or guests to feel when they are in the lounge: inspired, relaxed, playful? Whatever you use your sitting room for, the night wall decoration awaits. Don’t worry about matching your art to the sofa, as you can use accent pillows and other decor to accent the look. With these ideas and your own, living room design is only limited by your imagination.

To choose the best wall art for your living room, ask yourself some questions:

- What do you want to be reminded every time I step to space?

- When we have company over, what do I want guests to know about me or my family?

Here are some of the photos we think will always make great living room wall art:

A framed print of your loved ones


Showcase those dearest to you in a beautiful framed print hung above the sofa in your living room.

A large canvas


Large canvas prints are perfect for making a big statement and being the focus on any room. OOH-GIFT can also transform your custom photo to art and make it larger than life.

Gallery wall art

Gallery walls create a focal point in your home, and bring some character and personality to your living space. You can combine with other sizes and pictures together.


Create the living room wall art of your dream today in our store.

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