How to pick wall art that’s the right size for your space

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When it comes to wall art, size matters. A canvas print or framed print can be the statement decor your room was missing, yet if the size isn’t right, something will feel off. You want your wall art to be eye-catching and pull the space together rather than feel like it doesn’t belong. Too small and your room can look incomplete, too big and the room can feel a little too crowded. To ensure that your masterpiece fits beautifully and complements the room, we’ve put together this easy guide to help you pick wall art that’s the right size for your space.

1. Read the room

First things first, before you commit to purchasing that beautiful canvas or framed print, you’ll want to gauge how it will look like in your space and what size fits best. A great way to help you visualize it in the room is simply by outlining different potential dimensions with painter’s tape, sticky notes or paper. You can then take a step back to take it all in. I also suggest you take some photos with your phone while you’re at it too. Here’s your chance to readjust, try different size outlines and compare them until you find your favorite one.

2. General sizing rules

Whether you want to decorate a large wall going up your stairway, the blank space above your couch or the empty wall in the bedroom, you’ll want the size of your art to be just right for the room. We know, rules are sometimes meant to be broken, but when it comes to sizing these rules serve as a great tool to get you on the right track.

So let’s start with just 2 simple rules that will help you pick the right size of wall art for your space and enhance your decor skills. Yes, there is some basic math involved, but trust us it’ll be worth it.

- Wall art should take up 60%-75% of the available wall space,wall space that isn’t covered by furniture or moldings. Start by measuring the width and height of your wall and then multiply them by both 0.60 and 0.75. This will give you the range of canvas print sizes that will suit the space. For example: If you have a blank wall that is 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide, you would multiply both 9 and 5 by 0.6 and 0.75. The ideal height of the canvas would be between 5.4 to 6.75 and the ideal width would be between 3 feet and 3.75 feet.

- When hanging wall art over furniture, such as a bed, a fireplace or a couch, it should be between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furniture. You can do a similar calculation here for measuring the ideal canvas size above your couch for example. Let’s say your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply 6 by 0.66 and 0.75. Thus, a canvas between 3.6 feet and 4.5 feet wide fit wonderfully above the couch.

3. Go big or go home

- In general, bigger is always better. A small canvas can’t fill a big space and a big canvas print will create a beautiful focal point. As you saw in the sizing rules, your wall art should take up a large portion of an empty wall and be large relative to the furniture as well. So when in doubt, go big!

- If you want to have only a smaller canvas - not to worry either! You can hang them in a smaller area, place them side by side, or you can group them together to create an eye-catching gallery wall.

4. Level up

The height at which you hang your canvas is not to be overlooked when it comes to choosing the right wall art size. As a general rule of thumb, for the most aesthetically pleasing decor, you should aim to have the center of the canvas be at eye-level. Also, if you’re hanging your piece above furniture, give it some room to breathe by hanging it between 6 to 12 inches above the top of the furniture. The height at which your wall art is hung will have an effect on creating striking room decor you strive to achieve.



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