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So you’ve finally chosen that amazing photo that you want to display on a canvas print or a framed print in your home. Now, all that’s left is figuring out where and how to hang your beautiful piece, which may seem pretty tricky at first. If you’ve ordered from OOH-GIFT STORE then you’re off to a great start.

Yet, there are still some important things to consider when hanging your print. Come hang with us as we take you through our simplified guide of the steps you need to know in order to hang your wall art easily and perfectly every time. Ready to hang?

1. Picture perfect placement

When it comes to the placement of your wall art, there are two main things to consider: the size of the piece and the best height to hang it at.

First things, you’ll want your wall art to complement the space which means it should be appropriately sized for the spot you choose.

As a general rule of thumb, your wall art should take up between 50-70% of the available wall space. This means a big piece is usually needed to fill up a big space, such as above the couch or fireplace, otherwise, your canvas will look out of place.

Don’t get hung up on this if you have a smaller piece, you can either place it somewhere with less available wall space, learn it on a shelf or even pair it with other pieces to create an eye-catching galley wall. For more sizing tips you can read our blog how to pick wall art that’s the right size for your space.



2. Come fully equipped

It’s discouraging to start and then have to stop because you realize that you don’t have the proper hanging equipment. So instead, start by ensuring you are too well equipped to quit.

The canvases are made of wooden frames in standard-sized print and come with a sawtooth hanger built to make hanging your masterpiece even easier to  hang up anywhere in the house and accentuate every room in a variety of styles!

3. Does it measure up!

One you’ve made your pencil marks or tapped out where your print will hang, you can then take a step back to easily see how it will look. That way, you’ll know it’s ready and in the perfect spot before putting the hammer to the nail.

A very important thing to remember is to also account for the space between where the nail sits and the top of the art. That is, you must measure the length from the hooks, or the top of a taut hanging wire, to the top of the frame or canvas so that you know it sits correctly and that way you know you’ll nail your decor.

4. Hang it up!

You’ve got the right size canvas or frame for your space, you’ve prepared all your equipment, you’ve outlined the appropriate height with painters tape, measured from the nail height, and you’ve hammered the nail in the wall. Now that you’ve checked off all the boxes, hang it and rejoice in its beauty!

5. Hanging multiple pieces

It doesn’t take much more effort than hanging a single piece and looks incredible.

Start by first choosing a center item and arrange the other pieces around it. The best way to do this is by building your arrangement on the floor first and then once you’ve happy with the layout, prepare your wall as you would with a single piece by outlining the different pieces with painters tape and measuring from where the canvas print will hang. Remember to still use the same placement rules: The multiple prints or gallery wall should take up 50-75% of the available wall space and be approximately 57 inches off the ground or between 6 to 12 inches if they are placed above furniture.

When creating a gallery wall, you’ll want to ensure the overall look is balanced. You can achieve this by having an equal amount of weight on either side and ensuring that both sides follow a similar theme or frame style.

If you are hanging multiple pieces placed in between. Of course,you can play around with these rules and go with a look that catches your eye. If you have one large piece, hang it toward the middle as the focal with the smaller pieces on either side.

6. Space to breathe

When hanging multiple pieces, the space between each canvas or framed print should not be overlooked. Generally speaking, you can leave 2-5 inches between each frame for proper spacing. If you’re hanging in even numbers, you can hang them 1-2 inches apart for tight spacing or 4-6 inches for normal spacing. When hanging 3 pieces side by side it’s recommended to leave 4-6 inches in between.

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