Dandelion Flower- Meanings, Symbolism, Colors

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Every flower has its own unique meaning. Dandelion is beautiful and full of symbolism nonetheless, there are so many meanings that have been attributed to the dandelion flower in different cultures and traditions all over the world.  

Sign of healing

Dandelions might look simple and humble, that is rich in its ability to cure many illnesses and pains to give good health both emotional pain and physical injuries. 

Leaves of this peculiar flower have healing powers that can make our bodies and souls feel rejuvenated leading to dandelion is the symbol of emotional healing. This reason, you should present this flower to those you wish that they will be always in good health towards.

Sign of warmth

The dandelion flower processes a yellow color which stands bright and beautiful whenever they are found and for this reason has been associated with the sun- just like sunflowers.

If you want to bring some sunshine into your home, you can hang some canvas prints of dandelion flowers or pick a beautiful bouquet of Dandelions and place them on the coffee table to bring brightness.

Sign of surviving through all challenges and difficulties.

This flower is known to possess the ability to survive under any kind of environmental condition and they can easily grow in wall cracks, garden, field and any places where its seed gets propagated to. Because of this, they are considered as a symbol of survival and overcoming all of the difficult moments in life. 

They are also perfect proof how even the smallest and most humble people can be strong and powerful and overcome everything that gets thrown their way. When you put dandelion in your home, they can be pleasant reminders about how important it is to fight against problems and to stand courageously when hardship comes your way. You should give this flower to anyone you know that is having some soft challenges in their life and is ready to face it at all cost. 

Sign of long-lasting happiness

This flower is related to the joy and happiness that we experience in our lives at all times. Even one glance at this simple flower makes us remember summer and spring, there are two of the warmest months and most alive seasons of the year.


Dandelions can be used as decoration in children’s parties when you want to accentuate the joyful nature of an event. Even if you choose this flower to be your bedroom or living room decoration, you will get an instant hit of optimism and joy in your life after hours of working. 

Sign of emotional and spiritual intelligence

People with strong emotional intelligence understand how emotions work and how to save themselves from pain. This is an important skill to have in life and those who struggle with it can find it hard to understand human relationships.

And dandelion is a good symbol of emotional intelligence.

Sign of wishes coming to life 

Dandelions seeds have been used to make a wish for as long as we can remember.

Picking up a flower and blowing to make the seeds fly into the air, and then making a wish is something we did as a child and now do too.

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